Friday, February 23, 2018

c c p p

cool crochet palmtree project

c c p p

cool crochet palmtree pattern

and moreover

cool crochet petit projet

I'm working on some crochet projects & patterns for the cool crochet workshop in April.

Every day a new project, a new crochet technique and a new place to explore in Marrakech.

I drew a palm tree on graph paper, slightly smaller than the palmtree I designed last year. Remember this one?

Simply because it's nice to finish a small daily project, so we have a lots of time for other pursuits, such as having a delicious Moroccan lunch, enjoy the surroundings and relax.

This afternoon I nestled myself with hook and yarn on the daybed, to check how long it takes to make this project. Well piece of cake, the cute palmtree is cool crochet project approved.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

captivating corner

captivating corner

While I am washing my hands, my eye catches the natural colors of the simple utensils and the light, in the corner of the sink.

I'm very visual and can be overwhelmed by a feeling of bliss all of a sudden, by the appeal of 'something simple'.

Our kitchen, an easy, real life space with stuff collected over time.
Kitchen utensils with functionality and personality;
The simplicity of two cutting boards against the kitchen wall.
A small twig, in a soda bottle, because it was just too small to join the magnolia bouquet.
and the shades of the tiles, which seem to change every moment of the day...

and I realise, I'm glad to enjoy the simple things.
(even though it is sometimes exhausting to see 'everything' and to capture the moment afterwards with my camera, haha..)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

in bloom

in bloom

Magnolia in bloom!

The massive magnolia branch, my friend Rosa brought from the market last week, was big and beautiful! and top-heavy...
Even the largest jug in the house, couldn't handle the weight. So I decided to cut off the side branches and make a magnolia bouquet.

The flower-buds opened up one by one in the past days. Today the magnolia is in full bloom and is shining on my home-made plant stand.

Monday, February 19, 2018

medina life

medina life

A trip to Marrakech on your travel bucket list?

But you rather not travel alone? This is your chance!
With a group of super nice participants from all over the world, you will have the time of your life!
During the Cool Crochet workshop, you stay in the green oasis, hotel Chambres d'Amis, in the middle of the Medina in Marrakech.
You will discover the colorful city in a very special, authentic and adventurous way.
We will bring you to the most wonderful places and yes, we will crochet 'in between' in the coolest places.
How about a daytrip to the Atlas Mountains? Or crochet a bikini top in the middle of the desert?
Furthermore we take you to wool heaven in the Souk (don't forget to save some space in your suitcase, to bring wool from the Souk)

Click H E R E for more information and send me a mail, if you think this is about you.

We'll be back in Marrakech, 8 weeks from now...

Friday, February 16, 2018

retro woodwoolstool

woodwoolstool bamboo daybed

At the moment I'm working on a pair of 'good old' traditional woodwoolstools.

Have not been making them for a long, long time in this 'old-fashioned' way (it's how I started more than 10 years ago), until a request came last week.

I still have to make the scrap wood stools, so I tested the handmade woolen case on another stool.
...and where would the color inspiration come from?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

cool crochet project in green & pink

cool crochet project in green & pink cool crochet project in green & pink

Working on a new cool crochet project in green & pink.

This wool mixture with bright color spots, coming from an old local wool wholesale in the medina, where we always buy our wool supplies for the cool crochet workshop, is by far my favorite yarn to work with. It's soft and has a tweed effect and the colors are gorgeous.

Currently I'm working on a new project for the workshop in Marrakech in April. It's a herringbone pattern.

I made a pillow in the same pattern (white & golden yellow) a while ago and now I'm trying to crochet and write the pattern at the same time. The herringbone effect is super nice, seems more complicated than it is and I also love the wrong side of the work. Somehow it looks more appealing and interesting.

I often like the wrong side of crochet fabric... Is it a deviation or do you think so too?

Monday, February 12, 2018

broom branch & cotton caftan

black striped kaftan black striped kaftan

A handmade broom from my last visit to Yves' garden in Marrakech.

Way too big to stick in my herbarium, during the Green Gardens workshop.

The dried date palm branch, is still used everywhere in Marrakech to sweep the streets.
Although it is not a practical object to bring home in your suitcase, I did it anyway.
The broom was twice as thick, but I left half of it with my dear friend Ank at Chambres d'Amis in Marrakech.
My half is a cool decoration in the hallway and sometimes I even use it to remove the leaves, that sneak in through the front door in the hallway.

I also brought some kaftans from Morocco last October, for those who need a kaftan in their lives...

The black striped cotton kaftan on the coat rack, is for sale in my S H O P (the last ones)
During the colder months, it's comfortable to wear at home and perfect stylish loungewear after a bath or shower.